Who we are:

Who we are:


Qworkshop.com believes that doing business on the World Wide Web is the most cost-effective way to bring your company and your products to the international arena. The exponential growth of the eBusiness has secured millions of users on the Web. This evolution has given a new dimension to the business world. As a matter of fact, this evolution is changing consumers’ buying habit and eventually painting a new way of how business is being done. In order to tap into this worldwide market and not be washout from the evolution, merchants require participating in the World Wide Web. Having your own ecommerce store on the World Wide Web not only will add benefit to your revenue but also allow your company to stay competitive to the market.

In order to provide a vehicle for those companies who want to build an ecommerce store, Qworkshop.com developed Open-Trade to provide a solid platform to allow merchant to deploy a cost-effective ecommerce store. Open-Trade’s open and flexible architecture also allow easy integration with other existing systems.


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